Cars regardless of the state of repair, deteriorate to ours. Block, they thicken, require a large amount of inventory, emit intermediate (medium or intermediate), production is associated with the street, with no limit to the amount of plastic. The following information on problems in enterprises and logistics of the next miles of problems:

Battery recycling from cars is still an unknown problem, batteries in bikes too, but how small are those mounted in cars to do!) [1]
Ppons make up 10 percent of all microplastic waste in the world’s oceans. A 2017 report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature estimated the transaction at 28 percent.
Electric cars (which in Poland starts with coal).
Almost 51% of all transports in Europe. The Group [made use of bikes by bicycles.2]

Ecology, which are mainly associated with bicycles, are experiencing a renaissance to the only and only problem arising from logistics, or a new occurrence everywhere. Cargo bikes, however, thanks to our offer, easily accessible and accessible for the company, sharing may change the way of doing business. Ultimately, they are economic (no fuel, parking, benefits) and social. It is not difficult to do business. In an accession company, you need to translate into soft stocks. Below is a description that can be carried by environmentalism:

Carbike needs less space, will arrive faster if it has less space (along the street, path, embankment, regardless of time of day and place) – availability possible!
cargobike does not emit noise (over 48,000 people in Europe “contract” heart disease every year, and 12,000 people die) [3]
carbobike does not cost any accidents

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